Congrats, Knoebel's

Since 2002 Knoebel's has been a regular stop for us every summer. It's such a wonderful throwback of an amusement park. Free parking, free admission, pay by the ride, lots of benches and shade, reasonably priced food, BYO food (if you prefer), tons of rides for the really little kids, and a warm, friendly ambiance all around. It keeps us coming back year after year.

Tonight I have been following their tweets as they attend the Golden Ticket Awards ceremony. The results as they were reported:

  • Best carousel
  • Best food
  • Top 5: Best dark ride
  • Top 5: Best Halloween event
  • Top 5: Best wooden roller coaster (Phoenix)
  • Top 5: Friendliest staff

I couldn't be happier for them! It's such a great place and they deserve all the accolades. Can't wait to go back yet again next summer!

BTW: We are by no means the only ones who think highly of the place. At last year's Golden Ticket Awards they were the #2 amusement park in the country: 

  1. Cedar Point
  2. Knoebel's
  3. Disneyland

Pretty good company there!

One more thing: on their Best Carousel you can still grab the brass ring.