Owner of a Fantasy

Remember Aldo Nova? Whose song "Fantasy" became a one-hit-wonder? I was listening to it recently and thought it sounded kinda like "Owner of a Lonely Heart", which came out two years later. Yesterday a friend made a comment out of the blue about "Fantasy" and that inspired me to finally sit down and see if I could edit the two together. It took some doing, but here's what I came up with:

Admittedly I did have to take some liberties with measures and breaks and stuff, but only because one song had an extra measure here and there. The sections, however, lined up pretty well.

The most striking part to me is how the beats in the main riff complement each other, especially in the latter count of four. i wonder if Trevor Rabin had "Fantasy" tucked away in the back of his mind when he wrote "Owner". Hmmm...