Program point person

What a long night. Had a meeting with the HP&P publicity committee at 6:00 (though I was 20 minutes late), then a HP&P board meeting at 7:30 (for which I was on time).I just got home about twenty minutes ago. Four hours of meetings. Normally that’s something akin to a death sentence, but [A] these are fun people, and [B] the first meeting was held in Kaminski’s. It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised by their food. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes on whole wheat toast. It came with the usual fries, cole slaw and pickles on the side. It was greasily decadent, but very good. And it didn’t keep me up for half the night, which was awfully nice.

The end result of these meetings for me is that I am now the person who will coordinate program content with our new printer. Producers will give their content to me, I’ll proof it and make sure it fits the usual template, then pass it along. Sounds simple enough, but I know it’ll be a challenge.

I’m also volunteering to help out with the Web site. I have no idea what form that will take, but since it’s what I do for a living, I thought I’d be able to help out here.

Number The Stars is the first show whose program I get to mess with. We’ll see how it goes.