We still miss you

I would be remiss if I didn’t observe this day, the twentieth anniversary of our adopting Boomer. He was the ideal cat for us. Just the right temperament, and he had no problem becoming second and then third banana as the kids arrived. In fact, he accepted them immediately and loved sleeping alongside them.

It was on this day in 1989 that we brought him home from the animal shelter in Voorhees. He was so timid at first, not quite knowing what to make of the trip or his new surroundings. He settled in quickly, though, but not before shitting on my bed. That was okay, I guess. His overall wonderfulness more than made up for that.

After nearly fourteen years with us, kidney failure forced us to put him down. Over six years afterward I still cannot think about that night without getting teary.

Twenty years ago we had no idea how big a part of our lives he was going to be. We were just thrilled to be getting a cat! He endeared himself to us and to everybody who met him. And I wish I could hold him. I still miss you, Boomer. Probably always will. If there really is a Heaven, it’ll have a couch for us to share once more.