2104 can go fuck itself

Yes, it has been well over a year since I posted anything here. Y’wanna know why? See above.

Last year was a terrible year. It didn’t start out that badly at all, all things considered, but about halfway through it got bad. Really bad. Really really bad. That badness even managed to take a small bite out of 2015. It also made the first half of 2014 suck in retrospect. So in the interest of brevity, I’ll just throw all of 2014 under the proverbial bus and leave 2015 out of it.

The last thing on my mind was this site, and it really showed. My mind was a noisy mess, prone to intense mood swings and (mercifully brief) bouts of depression. It’s not where I wanted to spend much time, but what could I do? As an introvert, my mind is my home. Through most of 2014, though, that home was a bombed-out husk with its broken pieces still raining down from the blast. Not the best place in which to come up with things to share with you good people.

My current state of mind is vastly improved, thank you for asking. I’ve beefed up the framing, put up new sheetrock, and am looking at color swatches for the interiors. I’m also taking better care of my body, as you will soon read. I started a running regimen, which is beginning to bear real fruit.

Long time readers will surely have recognized a dramatic change in this site. I took the opportunity to not just revive this blog, but to also revamp the entire site. My initial thought was to do it in Drupal, but I fell deeply in love with the new Squarespace 7 tech and decided to upgrade, rather than move. I also decided to expand its scope just a bit to incorporate not merely my VO work, but other aspects of my life as well.

So here we are. New post, new site design, refurbished brain. 2015 is proving to be a really good year so far. Full of changes to be sure, but they are very positive. Hopefully that trend will continue and grow. You’ll just have to keep reading all about it, and I hope you will.