All my base is belong to me

The wifi on my old Airport Extreme base station stopped working years ago, but I kept it around as a simple, three port Ethernet router. Today I was wondering if its ports are 100-bit or megabit, so I did a bit of research. According to Wikipedia, the first and second generation AE have the same model number, but different port speeds. (You can guess which has which.) That didn't help me much because mine has that model number. The problem was that there was nothing else different between the two generations. How could I figure out which was which?

That's when I learned about Apple's warranty check page. The point of the page is simply to let one know if their hardware is still under warranty or not. However, it also helps identify the specific model you have.

So I tried it! I typed in the serial number and it did the rest. I am the proud owner of a second generation Airport Extreme base station, sporting megabit Ethernet ports. Mystery solved!