Baking some Raspberry Pi

For those who may not know, the Raspberry Pi is a teeny little computer. Stack two decks of cards on one another and that's about how big this thing is in its case. I say that because when you buy the computer, you get just the motherboard. The rest is up to you. Luckily the cases are easily (and cheaply) had, and the power supply is the same 5v charger you get with most smartphones these days.

I got mine a couple of weeks ago, but wasn't able to do much with it until recently, when my formerly-drowned laptop came back good as new. Why was that important? Well, with a computer this diminutive there is no room for a hard drive. Instead, it uses a garden variety SD card. None of my card readers could do anything with the cards I have, but my beloved MacBook Pro's built-in card reader did the trick!

I downloaded RaspMBC, a custom Linux build tailored to run XBMC, and installed it on the card. Then I grabbed the old phone charger, took the Raspberry Pi downstairs to the game room, and hooked it up to the HDTV. It started booting right away, then automatically began updating itself before restarting. Upon restart it went right into XBMC. Cool!

I can't wait to start watching some old home videos on this thing!