The coolest lamp in the world

Visiting thrift stores tends to be a feast-or-famine proposition. Sometimes you get a ton of cool stuff, and other times you leave empty handed. Luckily for me today was a feast kind of day. I picked up a couple of Ethernet cables, a small Nerf gun, and a little something for my nephew for his birthday next week.

As nice as all that is, it's nothing compared to the centerpiece of today's haul. Among all of the crappy old lamps today was this beauty. Considering the overall style, dinginess, and condition of the power cord, it is easily from the seventies--maybe even the sixties! I'll probably never know because I cannot find any kind of manufacturer's markings anywhere.

The coolest thing about it is its shade. Why? Simple: it's inflatable. And inflatable lamp shade. So. Much. Awesome.

Maybe I'll gather all of my yellow smiley face gew-gaws together and arrange them at the base. Oh yeah.