The web page that time forgot

On Facebook tonight I was making a snarky comment about my Mountain Lion download going so slowly that I need to upgrade to a 2400 baud modem. Hysterical, right? Yeah, I'm a riot.

That got me thinking about the days when I actually did feel the need to upgrade to a 2400 baud modem. Then a 9600 baud. Then a V92 modem. That was the shit back in the day.

While feeling nostalgic I went to Google and looked for information on Global Village, the maker of many of my old modems just to see what's out there. What I found astonished me:

Folks, it's like going to a yard sale and seeing a beloved old album from your youth still shrink-wrapped and in pristine condition, a gleaming example of the tastes of its time. This website remains unchanged since it was created in 2000, and reflects the state of the art in late Clinton-era website design. The narrow center column, the tremendous amount of white space, and most notably the gently curved header graphic. That sticks out to me because at around that time I too designed a couple of sites that featured gently curved header graphics. I was also a big Gill Sans font fan, and this page is lousy with Gill Sans!

So there you have it. Take a quick trip back in time, before Flash, Javascript and AJAX changed websites forever.