Apple = awesome customer service

This afternoon I took my wifi-challenged iPad 2 to the Apple store in Delaware's Christiana Mall, fully prepared to pay $250 to replace it. Rather than go straight to that, the Genius took it with him to run through some last-minute repair protocols that the Cherry Hill store didn't do. As expected, they didn't do the trick. The thing still refused to recognize any wifi signals.

And then it happened. Without any input from me, the guy had checked with his manager who agreed that since my iPad was only a month out of warranty, they would sell me a replacement for half the normal price? How cool is that?

So instead of grumbling about paying $250 to essentially get my iPad back, I paid only $125. And since this happened in Delaware, I paid no sales tax.

So here I sit, typing this entry on my cheap replacement iPad 2--and I couldn't be much happier. Thank you, Apple, for once again taking great care of this very regular (in so many ways) customer.