In search of a small sound booth

The sound booth I have been using for the last few years is my walk-in closet. It's a fantastic place to record, but it's kind of a pain to set up and tear down my gear every time I have some work to do. For instance, the other day I had to re-record a short file simply because I had said "levers" instead of "leverage". All that setup, all that tear down for about 30 seconds of audio. Not a hardship, of course, but also not very convenient.

Yesterday I went to Ikea with an eye toward finding something I could repurpose as a small sound booth. My vision was taking a deep Billy bookcase, adding cabinet doors at the top, then lining the inside of the cabinet and doors with acoustic foam and sticking my mic inside. That way I could keep it closed and hidden when not needed, then open it up and stick my face inside to record when it is needed.

I looked at everything I could find that could possibly be transformed into the little booth of my dreams. I even checked out a collapsible nylon treasure chest in the kids' department! Hey--I wanted to look into every option.

Right now my front runner is an Ivar cabinet. It's a solid, self-contained, unfinished wood box with doors that is designed to sit inside a set of Ivar side pieces. What's great about that is that it can be completely separated from the side pieces and used on its own. It's also 32" wide, which is the exact width of the old Niklas shelves I currently have in my studio. It is thus conceivable that I could put one of those cabinets together and stick it in one of my existing Niklas shelves! I could also attach some Ikea table legs to it and make it a free-standing piece.

Before I make a decision, though, I need to take a lot of measurements in my studio to see where it would fit the best. It's a very small space, so I have to consider this carefully.

Ikea also sells a smaller (yet equally deep) cabinet designed for kids that could also do the job. My big problem with that one is that it is finished in white laminate. I really don't want a big-ass white box in my studio.

Either way, it's nice to know that I have options. Once I get everything settled, I'll have a great place to do more casual and convenient recording. Can't wait! I'll keep you posted.