Another VHS gem

As we all did back in the proverbial day, I recorded a lot of stuff on VHS tapes. Now that the world has gone digital I find myself with stacks of those tapes that I need to get rid of. The only problem--as you may have surmised by the fact that I still have stacks of VHS tapes in my house--is that I have never had an easy time throwing things away. Luckily technology gives me a way to throw away those old tapes while retaining their contents. Thus, I have been going through them and digitizing the best stuff before tossing them.

This morning I found a true gem from around 1999: "George Carlin - 40 Years of Comedy", a career retrospective and interview show from HBO, hosted by none other than Jon Stewart. Can't find it (legitimately) on DVD, so I am thrilled to have found this!