Getting into hot water

As a long-time listener of Howard Stern, I remember reacting with puzzlement years ago when he talked about how he drinks a lot of plain hot water through his show. It just sounded odd to me. I drink a lot of water myself, but never tried it hot. It seemed somehow gross. Coffee? No problem. Tea? Sure. But plain old hot water? Ewww.

A couple of weeks ago I was feling kinda pflegmy and my voice felt tired. It was the middle of the afternoon and I didn't want to make another pot of coffee, so I thought I'd give Howard's idea a try. It wasn't bad at all!

Now I'm hooked. In the morning I still make a pot of decaf coffee, but after lunch it's all just plain hot water. It's not a miracle cure or anything, but it definitely feels good and help keep my voice nicely lubed up and sounding fresh.