Water damage, part 2

After I mopped up all the water I could from the keyboard of my laptop this morning, I took off its bottom plate, placed it on its side, and put it on a table next to a fan that was blowing on it all day long. Tonight I sealed it inside a plastic bag along with the contents of a box of white rice. 24 hours from now I'll break the seal, plug it in again, and hope for the best.

The very least I'm hoping for is that the hard drive is okay. If it is, I will be able to transfer its contents to a replacement computer easily enough. If not, I will cry. The bright side is that my computer is covered under my homeowner's insurance. Still, the data on that drive is largely irreplaceable. I'd really hate to lose it.

Oh yeah--I'd also like to remove the DVD that's still in the drive. I borrowed it from the library. Oops