Musical Advent Calendar, Day 2

Toy Packaging

Sara Groves

I like to pepper my holiday playlist with the occasional bit of comedy. Today it's this little gem I discovered last year.

If you have ever tried to extricate a toy from the box it came in, you know exactly what Sara Groves is singing about. It's remarkable the lengths that manufacturers go to in order to ensure that their products looks perfect on retailers' shelves. A store could be reduced to rubble in a massive earthquake, but Malibu Barbie will still look well posed and perfectly coiffed in her plastic box—all thanks to a legion of twist ties, plastic tie-downs, and yards of clear tape that keep everything exactly in place. One feels a sense of satisfaction not unlike that of a master safe cracker after freeing a toy from the clutches of all that packaging.

Bottom line: it's a cute, fun little song that will almost surely make you smile.