Hey hey, my my

The other day I donated platelets at the Red Cross donation center once again. I was sitting in the canteen afterward, snacking on pretzels and getting my sea legs back, when their radio started playing Ozzy Osbourne's classic "Crazy Train". I still remember when that came out, and how my friends and I went nuts over it and the rest of the album. It remains one of my favorites.

That was over thirty years ago. What's amazing is that that song (and, by extension, that album) remains as vital and relevant today as it was in 1981. Teens love it about as much today as we did thirty years ago, which is both remarkable and heartening--especially in this time when people like Justin Bieber top the charts.

That got me thinking: when I was a teen, what music was popular thirty years earlier? Turning the clock back from Blizzard of Oz, that'd make it 1951. To be honest, I can't think of a single song from 1951. Not one. Yet teenagers now sing along to Ozzy.

I suppose that speaks to the staying power of great rock and roll. (Well, at least from the British Invasion onward.) I wonder if in 2042 kids will be quoting Justin Bieber lyrics.