Let's talk about giving the finger and farting, shall we?

Sometimes I think that broadcast censorship is way too strict today. I mean, I'm used to channels bleeping out the Seven Dirty Words, but they seem to go too far, bleeping out innocuous fare like "ass" and "damn" and even "God" and "Jesus" (when used in a non-liturgical manner).

Well, I just got a surprise. Back in 1978 I recorded a little bit of the Dr. Demento Show and, much more recently, I transferred it to my iTunes library. I thought I'd take a listen to his broadcast of Frank Zappa's "Titties and Beer", which was understandably retitled "Bleepers and Beer" for the show. It seems kinda silly to censor that song at all, since the bleeps would come at you pretty hot and heavy. Why bother, right? But that's what I was prepared for, and it was actually kind funny because instead of a standard "beep" or just silence, they played a cuckoo sound. Not bad!

What surprised me was that they also censored the line: "Then she gave us the finger, it was rigid and stiff / And the devil he farted, and went right over a cliff". They took out both "finger" and "farted"! Huh?

I guess the seventies weren't as free-wheeling as we were led to believe! I still think that censoring "ass" and "damn" and "God" and "Jesus" is absurd, but I'm glad we can at least talk about giving the finger and farting today!