I have waited nearly 30 years for this!

As a dyed-in-the-wool Mac guy, I have spent a whole lot of time with the Mac OS. As a Mac guy in a decidedly Windows world I have spent a whole lot of time explaining many of the differences between the two platforms and why I prefer the Mac OS.

Yet in all that time there has been one small yet significant Windows feature that I always felt should have been part of the Mac OS from the very beginning, yet never was: the ability to resize a window from any side or any corner. Windows users take it for granted. People like me who use both consistently grimace each and every time we are forced to go to the lower-right corner of a Mac window and resize it from the special area of that window. And there are the times where we first have to move the entire window up and to the left so that we'll have the needed space available when dragging that corner down and away. Nearly thirty years on, it's a silly relic.

Today, however, I noticed something quite by accident. I had upgraded an old MacBook to Lion to test it out and see how I like the new OS. Haven't had very much time to try it out, but as I was doing so today I noticed my cursor turning into an up/down cursor as it hit the upper edge of the window. It happened again at the lower edge. On either side of the window it turned into a left/right thingy. Then I tried click and drag. Lo and behold' Apple has seen the light and bestowed upon its users the ability to resize a window from any side or any corner.

Thank you, Apple. That is precisely the kind of small tweak making a big difference that I have come to expect from you. Would been nice to have had that beginning with, oh System 7, but I'm not complaining! Glad to finally have that there.