New phone, happy Tom

Last week I received my "new" LG enV3 phone through EBay and I couldn't be much happier. The thing is so much less bulky than my old enV. I barely notice it in my pocket. The internal screen is markedly larger than the old one, making it much easier on these ever-aging eyes. Most importantly, it's loud. I would always have to strain to hear a caller if I was in an even moderately noisy environment. Not any more! This sucker is loud and clear.

One of my favorite things about this phone is its charging scheme. It's all USB. May not sound like a big deal, but it is. By using a standard USB micro B cable and USB 5 volt charger, it enables me to take an off-the-shelf cable and charge my phone from any nearby computer or a USB port in my car. I don't need to spend enormous amounts of money on proprietary chargers for each location.

I celebrated all of this with a mini shopping spree on Amazon, scoring a fresh battery, orange cover, screen protectors, and three USB micro B cables. Combined with the two chargers I already have, I can now charge this thing in my kitchen, my studio, my office, my car and still have another charger available to travel with. My old enV? One charger in the kitchen, completely proprietary.

So now I am finally VERY happy with my phone. It has been over two years since I could say that. The Krave was awful. The enV was okay. This I love. It'll make it so much easier to wait for the eventual LTE-capable iPhone on Verizon.