Yet another reason to love Apple

This past Sunday I ordered a new MacBook Pro to replace my beloved old one that just passed its fifth birthday. I was really happy with the one I decided to get. Not as small and light as a 13" MBP, but faster and with a larger screen. Not about as powerful as a 17" MBP and with a smaller screen, but also not as bulky and heavy. For me, it's the Goldilocks of the MacBook Pro line.

This afternoon--barely two days after I placed the order--I received this is my inbox:

You recently ordered a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Thank you. We know you’re looking forward to receiving it. What you may not have heard yet is that Apple just updated MacBook Pro with a faster processor and more advanced graphics.

Here’s where it gets really good . . . since your 15-inch MacBook Pro hasn’t shipped yet, we’ve automatically upgraded your order to this new 15-inch MacBook Pro. No kidding. We can almost see your smile from here.

I didn't even know about the speed boost until now, but I can't think of a better way to find out!

Thank you, Apple! You just made my day! And this almost makes up for the mess you made of my Apple IIvx order back in 1993.