Rock retractions

The latest meme on Twitter is #rockretractions. Take a rock lyric and alter it so it means kinda the opposite of the original. Add the aforementiioned hashtag and Bob's your uncle!

Here are the ones I came up with tonight: 

  • Hey Jude. Know what? I've been thinking about this for a while: do what you want. Who am I to tell you what you should do?
  • S-S-S-Somebody else's Sharona.
  • Lessor of a lonely heart because of the great finance terms. They threw in matching floor mats, too.
  • You can try, Miss Lizzie, but I have really good equilibrium.
  • Strawberry Fields for five more minutes, then straight up to bed!
  • Sorry, Beethoven. You don't have to get up after all. I didn't see that Tchaikovsky is already on Google News. My bad.
  • We just took a vote on it in the kitchen and decided that we are going to take it after all. 

And the one I'm most proud of (with hashtags intact):

  • Hey, Peter. What's happening? If you could just go ahead and stop thinking about tomorrow, that'd be greeeeaaaat. #rockretractions #lumbergh

I'd write some more, but I need sleep.