Another Newton is discontinued

Back in April I posted a photo of a sign with some really tragic spelling errors. That was taken in front of the Newton Diner, something of a landmark in my area. For most of my 30+ years in the area I knew it as the Oaklyn Diner, but a change in ownership a few years back--following a short-lived vacancy--meant a change in its name.

As of today it no longer exists. Fire broke out around 5am and consumed most of the building. I was wondering why I heard helicopters hovering in the distance when I got up this morning! Early news reports talked vaguely about a restaurant fire on the White Horse Pike. I was afraid that it was the Legacy Diner! I really like that place, which itself rose from the burned-out hulk of Weber's Diner a few years ago.

But no, it was the Newton. I can't say I'll miss it much, but I am sad to see it go.