Updated demos

I just refreshed my character demo, weeding out the straight read from the end and inserting some clips from the work I did on Heaven Can Wait. I really should trim it down some more, but I'll do that when I have other things to add.

I also added an animation from Sunshine Again, the kid's show on DVD I was in last year. It's one of two VOs I did for the show (and the only one that made the final cut–which is unfortunate, as the other one was a really great little song).

Which reminds me: I found the script I wrote for the Guys & Dolls pre-show speech I did a few years ago! That is still one of my favorite bits. Unfortunately the mic I used for that was total crap, so I can't use the original audio. Now that I have that script, however, I can re-record it with my PR-40! Look for that soon.