The vinyl countdown

I love taking old vinyl and converting it into something that iTunes can use. In years past I would simply take the raw audio file, segment it into individual tracks and burn it onto CD. Effective, but it did nothing for removing vinyl noise. I tried the noise removal filters that came with different software but was never satisfied with the results. Some did little to help the cause, while others did too much--removing the high end of everything, not just removing the noise.

Then I stumbled upon Brian Davies' brilliant ClickRepair. After downloading and trying the demo, I was flabbergasted. Whereas other software worked like a shotgun--blasting everything in its path, ClickRepair was like a sniper, methodically taking out only the noise and leaving everything around it intact. It was amazing.

From that moment on I have raved about ClickRepair to anyone (and everyone) that would listen. Now it's your turn.

Here's the opening 30 seconds of the vintage (and well worn) soundtrack LP for Mission: Impossible, recently discovered at a thrift store:

Now here is the exact same file after having been run through ClickRepair:

Pretty remarkable, eh? One pass through ClickRepair and that nasty old scratchy vinyl sounds nearly as good as new! It may not have the best user interface by any means, but it effing works.

I can't recommend it highly enough, despite not being affiliated with ClickRepair or Brian Davies in any way. I just love his software! It has given so many old recordings new life in my iTunes library. Thanks so much Brian!