Rifftraxed again

Just got back from seeing Rifftrax Live. Damn near hyperventilated a couple of times! Funny-ass show.

For those who may not know, Rifftrax is comprised of the three main guys from the latter half of Mystery Science Theater's run: Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. They still do their MST3K shtick on their website (which I highly recommend), but a few times a year they do a live show and simulcast it around the country. Such was the case tonight.

This was just my second time on the Rifftrax Live train. The first time was a year ago tomorrow, when they riffed Plan 9 From Outer Space. They have refined their presentation a lot since then. Gone are the lame (but pretty) host and Jonathan Coulton. The only non-Rifftraxed things there were the shorts by some guy whose name escapes me at the moment--and even those were quick!

Tonight's movie was Reefer Madness. Since it's so short they also riffed three shorts before the feature. One was a film from 1970 about the many creative uses for grass. Yes, grass--the kind you mow. The other shorts were from the 30's. One was a film designed to stop women from washing clothes with gasoline. People actually did that?

As I said before I nearly hyperventilated from the incessant jokes. These guys have been at it a long, long time and can mine vast amounts of humor from just about anything. And tonight they did just that. My stomach muscles are literally sore from laughing so much. What a blast!

They're doing it again just before Halloween. Some horror movie with Vincent Price. I may have to see that one, too!