Playing ketchup

Ever since I was kid I was a ketchup snob. Nothing but Heinz would do. If I were in a restaurant and they only had Hunt's or something, I might deign to use it, but I'd always kvetch about it not being Heinz.

All that has now changed.

Recently a colleague hipped me to organic ketchup. I tried some on a burger. If that moment had been filmed, you'd see me take a bite, then become enveloped in pure white light with doves floating about and heavenly choirs singing--and all the while my eyes would be rolling back in my head in utter rapture.

Now I know what ketchup is supposed to taste like and how it's supposed to look! It doesn't need to be sugary/spicy and completely smooth. It can be a little watery. It can look like smooth pulp. It can taste genuinely sweet. I guess it's like comparing a butcher block countertop with Formica. It may not be as slick and shiny, but it's gloriously real.

So that's it! I'll take the bottles of Heinz we still have, donate them to the local food bank and replace them with the organic stuff. Thanks, Elena!