Another iPod

In December of 2002 I finally convinced myself to get an iPod. They had been out for a year already, but the entire concept was still new and odd to me. What kept me from getting one–apart from the price–was the knowledge that I so rarely used my Walkman. If I don't use that, I reasoned, what would make me think that I'd use an iPod?

When Apple started selling refurbished units for $200 I finally caved in. I can say without a hint of hyperbole that the iPod completely revolutionized the way I listen to music. Where with my Walkman I was limited to the capacity of a cassette, the iPod let me put dozens of tapes' worth of music on it at once. It was small enough to fit in my pocket. It let me assemble playlists, giving me the ability to quickly put together what would previously have been known as Mix Tapes.

It was awesome–and I never looked back.

About three years ago I decided it was finally time to upgrade to something less than half as thick, with a color screen and six times the capacity: the iPod with Video (as Apple called it at the time). Life was good.

Roughly a year later I noticed that the second generation iPod Shuffle was available as a refurb for $50. Since it was available in a gorgeous orange finish I decided to pick one up. That has been my faithful walking companion ever since.

Last winter I scored an iPod Touch through Ebay. Funny thing is that I rarely use it to listen to music. It's more like a palmtop computer for me.

Now comes the iPod Nano. I really didn't need it, but it has already earned a place in my iPod rotation. Its killer app, if you want to call it that, is its video camera. They say that the best camera in the world is the one you have with you. Such is the case with this. It allows me to shoot video of the most insignificant yet interesting stuff. Thing that would otherwise go undocumented I am now able to easily grab with my Nano. Plus it too is finished in a gorgeous orange color.

For those of you keeping score at home, I am now up to five iPods. Though it may seem like overkill, I find myself using them in very different ways. Each serves it own purpose:


  1. Original iPod: Museum piece. Not much of a use, but it was my workhorse for several years and has earned its rest.
  2. iPod Video: Clamped to my car's windshield to serve music while I drive.
  3. iPod Shuffle: My commuting companion, perfect for podcasts.
  4. iPod Touch: Palmtop computer. It's also my bedtime reading device, letting me check emails, Twitter and Facebook before nodding off.
  5. iPod Nano: Video camera and utility infielder. Handles many of the same things as my other iPods, plus it captures video.


Needless to say, I'm a happy geek these days.