I'm about as big an Apple fanboy as anybody, but I can only take so much hype about anything. I'm finding Twitter to be absolutely insufferable today. Yes, the iPad is an awesomely cool product and I'm anxious to learn all about it. What I don't need are fifty updates per minute about what's happening at the stores:

  • Apple team lining up and cheering. Counting down from 10.
  • TV crews now being let in at 5th Ave. Saw Engadget's Paul Miller go downstairs a few moments ago.
  • Non-preorder customers just about to be admitted in Boston.
  • All of the interior signage has been replaced w/iPad images, 1st floor just has iPads on display.
  • Friendly Apple employees distribute snacks, water and coffee in Boston.
  • Employee told me "we didn't see them until this morning."

No, I'm going to leave Twitter alone until at least Monday so the iHype can die down and I can maybe read some substantive updates.