Spike Jonesing

I've been a big fan of Spike all-purpose seasoning since the summer of 1988 when a friend hipped me to it. I keep a jar of it in my desk at all times because it works so well on so many different things. In fact, I recently bought a new jar so that when the old one finally runs out, its replacement will stand ready.

Today I was getting ready for lunch and decided to put some Spike on my leftover pizza. There was barely enough left in the jar. I was thinking about opening that new jar, but decided that what I already applied was enough. Then I nuked the pizza and sat down to eat.

Mere minutes after I finished, I was still sitting at the table when I received notification about a new voicemail. Intrigued, I listened. It was an automated message from Wegman's, telling me that certain bottles of Spike sold since October of 2009 have been recalled, so I should check their website to see if mine is among the recalled products. After donning my strongest pair of reading glasses in order to make out the unbelievably fine print, I determined that my still unopened bottle is indeed part of the recall.

I'm reacting to all of this in a few ways. First of all, I'm a little creeped out that Wegman's has such a reach. Then again, I voluntarily signed up for their card, so I have nobody to blame but myself there. That's also balanced by the fact that that saved me from possible salmonella poisoning. Thus, it goes firmly in the WIN column.

Second, I'm marveling at how all of this happened not just on the same day, but in a matter of minutes. The choice to leave the bottle unopened? The voicemail? The recall confirmation? Thirty minutes, tops. I'm not one who believes in fate or angels or the supernatural, yet I can't help being amazed at how all of these events converged.

Needless to say I feel pretty lucky right now. Still a tad freaked out, but lucky.