Renaming my iPod

Being a big fan of Apple products, I am not ashamed to admit to a touch of iPad envy. Specifically, I covet not the iPad that comes out this weekend, but the one that will replace it in 12-18 months. I covet the second-generation iPad. Why? Because it'll take that long for users and developers to understand how it will be used. At this point, I doubt even Apple knows how this wonderful-on-paper new product will be used once it gets out in the wild and people take it in directions heretofore unexplored.

I figure it'll take until at least iPad 2.0 for the thing to really start to shine. Plus, all the bugs will be worked out by then, too.

In the mean time, I will continue using (and enjoying) my iPod Touch (also 2.0). One thing about this iPod: it already has pretty much all the features of the low-end iPad, only it's pocket sized. Thus, from this day forward I shall refer to it as my iPad Nano. Seems appropriate, dunnit?