The beginning of the end

Thirty years ago today, Genesis released "Duke". I wasn't yet a Genesis fan, so I had no opinion on the subject at the time. My friend Dave, however, did.

Dave remains the single most gifted keyboard player I've ever known. (Bear in mind that I was a music major in college. I've seen my share of great players.) Dave exceeded them all. He was also a big fan of British progressive rock: ELP, Yes, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, and, of course, Genesis.

One day in high school (thirty years ago) he saw me in the hall between classes. In his hand was a copy of the newly released "Duke" album. He looked at me, showed me the album cover and said "it's the beginning of the end". I didn't understand what he meant by that, so he pulled out the sleeve and pointed to the lyrics for "Turn it on again". He felt that those signalled the end of the Genesis he loved and the beginning of a new, pop-based Genesis.

Little did he realize just how right (and how prescient) he was.

I have since become a big Genesis fan as well, and "Duke" is one of my favorites from them. Too bad Dave was so right about that album. So, so right.