There's an app for this

One of the main reasons for choosing Squarespace as my new web host is that I really appreciate (or "dig", if you will) the underlying technologies they use. Little did I realize that their mastery of web tech extends to the iPhone and iPod Touch. I downloaded their app and tried it out first thing this morning. In a word: wow. Effing wow. Because I used WordPress on my old site I was at least able to use that to edit by blog, but that was it. Anything else required using Safari and squinting to be able to see anything. That's no way to run a web site. With this app I can write and edit posts, upload photos, change layouts, check stats, and so much more. I am thoroughly impressed.

I was completely happy with my old web host for almost seven years. Now that I'm with Squarespace, I doubt I'll ever look back.