Dual Denials from Dunkin' Donuts

Ever since a co-worker hipped me to the joys of mixing Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate and coffee in equal parts, I have been a devotee. You’ll get an odd look from the drudgeons behind the counter when you ask for your half coffee/half hot chocolate concoction, but it’s worth it. And don’t let them try to sell you a Dunkaccino instead. That’s something else entirely.

But I digress.

We were on our way out at 1:30 yesterday afternoon and decided to stop at a nearby DD for two of those beloved mixes. Much to my surprise the doors were locked. People were busy behind the counter and the shelves were filled with doughnuts, but the doors were locked. I knocked on the window. One of the staffers raised two fingers to indicate that they will open at 2:00. Lovely. So we left.

This morning I finished my platelet donation and decided to head up the road to a different DD and pick up an egg & cheese wrap and some of my beloved elixir. “Could I have an egg & cheese wrap?” “Uh, we don’t have those.” I pointed to them on the menu above his head. “But they’re on the menu.” “Sorry, we don’t have them.” So I left, went up the road a little further and scored an egg & cheese sandwich and large decaf from Wawa. Small consolation, but it was enough.

By the way: if you are at all intrigued by the aforementioned beverage, I heartily encourage you to try one. Just know that the only place to get it is Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve tried that same scheme in countless other places and nobody else comes close. Don’t know why.