"Paging Dr. Forbes. Paging Dr. Rex Forbes…"

I just got word that I have been cast in Haddonfield Plays & Players’ production of Play On!, the story of a community theater struggling to put on a production of “Murder Most Foul” while battling time (as opening night is a mere three days away), each other, their own dialog and even the playwright herself. My role is that of Saul Watson, a sarcastic wise-ass who plays Dr. Rex Forbes in the play-within-the-play.

Right now I couldn’t be happier about this. I get to play a wonderfully funny character, be directed by a great friend, act alongside a really talented castmate I know from the fundraiser I just did this spring at BCF, work with another great friend I haven’t worked with since my exile from the Colls Community Theater, and I get to do it all at a theater which embraced me when the aforementioned other theater effectively banished me.

Performance dates are September 24 through October 10. Our read-through is this Wednesday night. More details will be provided as they become available.