Serving up the media

My focus with this XBMC project has shifted just a bit.I reached a plateau a while back and moved along to the service part of the rig. Specifically, I set up an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station with an external drive hanging off of it, shared. From that point, I worked on getting Boxee to play nicely with it. In short, it sucked. Rather than streaming the videos, my MacBook Pro would first load them, then play them. It took forever to start watching something, making the system unusable. It did a great job streaming online, but not from the shared drive.

I’m not sure where the problem is, so I decided to take a different approach. Yesterday evening I repurposed an old PC as a FreeNAS box. Nice thing about that is that it offers UPnP service, which XBMC totally accepts. I’m hoping to have better results with that than with the Airport share. We’ll see.