Adding your stuff to an LG vx9900

I hate to say it–especially where technology is concerned, but sometimes newer isn’t better.

After many months of frustration with my Motorola Krave, I decided to downgrade to an LG Env VX9900. The Krave’s OS and virtual keyboard were giving me aneurysms, so I had to do something. I chose the Env mainly because it’s orange. The fact that it has a physical keyboard was equally important.

One of the few good things about the Krave was that it was pretty easy to sync it with my Mac. Motorola allows some data transfer via Bluetooth, so I was able to sync my address book and calendar with relative ease. Not so with the Env. LG and Apple don’t get along well at all. While the phone and my Mac can see each other, they cannot connect wirelessly. That really bites. I need to get my old address book transferred over ASAP. Being able to add my own ringtones would be a big plus, too.

Fortunately there is a solution. It isn’t as slick as Bluetooth, but I actually like it better. For those of you who are in a bind similar to mine, here’s what I did:

  1. Ordered a USB data cable through Amazon. With shipping it’s about $4.
  2. Downloaded BitPim, a free app for data transfers.
  3. With BitPim installed and the cable hooked up, I went to BitPim’s preferences, selected my phone, and made the connection.
  4. Exported the address book from my Mac into one big vCard, imported it into BitPim, then uploaded it to the Env.

For ringtones:

  1. Make the same connection to the Env as before.
  2. Click the musical notes + icon, then select the mp3 file you want to use.
  3. In the dialog box that comes up, click Convert, then OK.
  4. Your ringtone will appear in the Sounds folder of your phone. Control-click or right-click that mp3 and Move it to your Ringers folder.
  5. Upload.

That’s it! What’s remarkable about the ringtone transfer process is that it’s actually simpler and cleaner than the Krave’s process, which involved emailing it to myself, converting it, etc. Pain in the ass. This is a snap.

As much as I wanted to love the Krave, its shortcomings were many and significant. Too much to to put up with any longer. Chances are you’ll be seeing mine on Ebay before too long!