Hail Sorrento's!

For years I have had two favorite pizza joints in the area: Nick & Joe’s (Westmont Plaza) and People’s Pizza (Rt. 38 & Chapel Ave, Cherry Hill). Nothing else even came appreciably close. Leonetti’s almost made it, but they closed by the time we tried going there a third time. Bastards.

We now have a three-way tie, as Sorrento’s has come on strong. We’ve known about the place for ages, but never thought to go there because we couldn’t imagine anybody’s stuff even coming close to our faves. Now that we have made a conscious effort to explore the other pizzerias in the area and sample their wares, we thought we’d give it a try. To date we have been there twice and each time marveled at how great their pizza is.

Tonight we picked up two pizzas to go because my parents were coming over. This time I made sure to ask for them to be well done--and that, my friends, is the key to truly great pizza. Don’t get me wrong; what we had gotten before was great. Tonight’s pizzas were, however, the stuff of legend. People write songs about pizza this good. Wars are fought over pizza this good. They were truly spectacular, and I look forward to the next excuse we have to get some more.

BTW: I highly recommend asking for pizza to be well done wherever you go for handmade pizza (as opposed to the crap that gets heaved through automated ovens at some places). It makes all the difference in the world.