Gotta love that Apple store!

My wife’s computer is a G5 iMac we bought in July of 2005. Not even 3.5 years old, but in computer terms it’s around middle-age. Yesterday morning she complained that it wouldn’t start up. I tried everything I could to cajole it into starting. No soap.

Even though it seemed like a rather long shot (considering the system’s age), we took it to the Apple store last night. I fully expected them to futz with it for a few minutes, then tell me we needed either send it to a different repair shop, or have them ship it out for a two-week repair. Instead, the guy took it back and said that he’d open it up and try replacing the power supply–if one was in stock. We’d know by today if that was the problem or if it was the logic board.

At 10:30 this morning I got a call. The computer was ready to be picked up. Total cost was $180.

So in under 24 hours we got the thing fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacement. That was a welcome surprise.