Saying goodbye to Dubya

I was thinking about Dubya’s last day in office and what could be done to make it extra special. My first thought that that after he leaves the White House for the last time, his dad and brother Jeb should get together with him and just smack him around for a while. “We were building a political dynasty, but you screwed it all up! Now I can’t even get elected to the PTA!”

Better still: as he leaves the White House, you know he’s going to stop and wave one last time to the cameras. When that happens, Jeb Bush needs to sneak up and “pants” him. Just rip those pants down to his ankles so everyone on live TV can see Dubya’s NASCAR boxers. Then when they’re on Marine One, someone can flick his ears repeatedly as they fly away.

You know how every president has a library built in their name after they leave office? How ironic is it that there will one day be a George W. Bush library? You might as well build the Betty Ford Bar right next to it for maximum ironic effect. An effect that would be lost on Dubya, should he ever get within visual range of any library.