Freaked out again, but in a good way

I can’t tell you how weird/awesome it is to have Howard Stern speak your name on the air.

A couple of weeks ago I submitted two bits to the Stern show. One was a song parody about producer Gary Dell’Abate, set to the tune of “Pop Muzik” by M. Last week he played about fifteen seconds of it on the air, but that was it. Still, it was cool to hear it played.

Today, however, came the big treat. About ten minutes into the show he played the other bit I sent in, which was a 1.25 minute assemblage of isolated quotes from Howard and Artie. It’s called “Howard and Artie in Love” and is edited to sound like the two are having sex with each other, all while bad 70′s-style porn music plays in the background. Not only did he play it, but he announced my name at the beginning. Very, very cool.

Unfortunately I still need to learn a thing or two about editing, as they all commented on how long it ran:

  • Howard: “It just goes on and on.”
  • Robin: “He could have ended it at a certain point and it would have been funnier.”
  • Artie: “It’s an epic!”

Maybe I’ll cut it down by half and resubmit.

But they did laugh a lot during it, which makes me happy. It’s nice to know that something I cobbled together isn’t just funny to me and some of my friends.

Speaking of which: thanks, John, for the “heads up”.